Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Good tutorial today, I think everyone was a bit baffled with my project in that it's based on some crazy concepts that are quite hard to explain, and my illustrations are also a bit random without a good explanation, which I find hard to provide without writing it down. That said, I got some good feedback and I especially like Pauls idea of having some sort of 'key' like a map legend, to let the viewer know which illustration applies to which ocean 'realm'. It was mentioned that the tracing paper wasn't the ideal material as it is quite thick, and it has quite a high 'memory' in that it still has the curve set into it by being on the roll for so long. I hope that once my book is made I'll be able to press it flat for long enough to take the curve out of it - this just depends on my timing! I have to use this paper really due to time constraints and cost, but I think as long as I can press it properly it will be fine. I like the thickness of it, as it adds a nice tactile element and makes the finished book slightly thicker, giving it a more quality feel.
I forgot to say in my last post that while I was at my dads over the weekend I made a couple of changes to some of the illustrations to make them look a bit better in the context of the book;

The rest of this week will be spent planning for my mammoth printing session this coming weekend, and thinking about covers etc...

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