Friday, 29 January 2010


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Anyway on with business. I got a bit sidetracked this week, and started thinking around AIWS and into Visual Perception, and this led to how we perceive reality, which took me to Plato's Allegory of the Cave and then into how we perceive movement etc etc... Basically a big can of worms has been opened and I need to make sure I don't confuse myself with too much info. I also need to make sure I stay away from the obvious side of visual perception, i.e. optical illusions as they've all been done before and it would result in my work being quite shallow. Nevertheless, they are worth researching.

Above is my square version of the Kanizsa Triangle which is a prime example of 'unconscious inference'. This optical illusion relies on the brain making assumptions based on previous experiences, i.e. a white square is clearly visible in the picture even though there isn't one drawn.
Really interesting stuff, but a bit mind boggling so I'll let Wiki explain;

Hermann von Helmholtz is often credited with the first study of visual perception in modern times. Helmholtz examined the human eye and concluded that it was, optically, rather poor. The poor quality information gathered via the eye seemed to him to make vision impossible. He therefore concluded that vision could only be the result of some form of unconscious inferences: a matter of making assumptions and conclusions from incomplete data, based on previous experiences.

Inference requires prior experience of the world: examples of well-known assumptions, based on visual experience, are:

  • light comes from above
  • objects are normally not viewed from below
  • faces are seen (and recognized) upright.
Anyway I think I need to just focus on AIWS, and then if any of this other visual perception research comes into the work later on then great but for now I need to just focus on one aspect and work from there.

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