Friday, 12 February 2010

Tune - What is the look of....

Thinking about AIWS, as well as affecting your visual perception it also seems to me that it would affect your perception of reality - "Am I really seing this? Is that dog really the size of a horse?" With this in mind, I've been looking at artists, illustrators and designers who play on this. My starting point was the book Tangible, which centres on multi-media work that is a mix of 3D and 2D, flat and spatial. I can't really explain it very well so here's the blurb;

Manifesting creative visions into material objects and spaces is one of the most prominent developments in contemporary design today. Tangible documents how designers are using the stylistic means of graphic design to implement their ideas spatially to create three-dimensional designs, objects and orchestrated spaces. The examples in this book show the unprecedented use of materials and innovative ideas – graphics morph into spatial sculptures, the intangible is made visual through handmade craftsmanship, physical experiences, visual environments and staged spatial installations such as art installations, interiors and architecture as well as urban interventions.

This work is super insiring and relevant to me, as it's all about giving a 2D image depth , perspective, and scale, or on the other hand making a 3D situation 2D. Another good book for this sort of work is Lemon Poppy Seed. The work makes you question it - is it real? Which elements are flat and which are 3D?

The image above , by containerPLUS is a good example of what I'm talking about - taking something real - a book, and making it into something unreal. This also plays on issues of scale, and to a lesser extent perspective. My work normally involves working into photography, and I think this will work quite well for this project as a photograph is the closest we can get to capturing visual reality, and to then work into it and mess it around distorts that reality. Am I making sense? Not sure....

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