Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I've been doing some research into pattern and shape recognition, and while I've only scraped the surface it's provided me with a starting point for some work. What I really like about this is the light shining through the cutouts to create a new pattern on the sheet below. Combining small triangles to make a big triangle, then using that to create a new pattern with light and shadow.
I need to be careful with my use of cut-outs though as they've been done so many times before, but I really like the way they can give actual physical depth to an image. This is something I should focus on, as giving my images depth and perspective would work perfectly for AIWS....

Some more Air today, taken from Tom Penny's section in Menikmati. Apparently they put a different song to his part on the DVD release, but this is from the og VHS edition. Enjoy.

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