Saturday, 24 October 2009

Missioning hard

Every time I go to London I seem to spend more time missioning about from place to place rather than actually chilling at places checking stuff out. Anyway, me and Em did some pretty cool stuff yesterday - first of all we went to Brick Lane to soak up a bit of atmosphere, and found this little exhibition in the Rag Factory - 'Mr Almos' Big Pen Ship'

This is a bit of work in the exhibition from Mitch Blunt; I like his style - it's completely different from mine but it's important to me to like stuff that I would never do. I think it is to everyone isn't it?

So after Brick lane, we chipped over to the new Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road, which was super inspiring and there was some really cool stuff there. Stupidly, I didn't note down any of the artists names but, I did manage to get some photos - here's a few of the most exciting ones;

After that it was definitely time for a quick visit to Magma, where I found a book of maps. The maps are turning into a bit of a theme, and having looked through the book today the imagery is really inspiring to look at and could be a good feature in my illustrations, especially as there are a few maps of ocean currents, surface winds etc etc.... The linework in some of the maps is incredible, so precise and methodical which suits my project perfectly.

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