Monday, 26 October 2009


Todays tutorial was really useful, and I got some positive helpful feedback that should really help me to push the project forwards. One of the main objectives of the CoML is working out what we do know, what we dont know but will know, and what is unknowable. Joel made a good point in that the easiest way to show the unknown, is just a blank piece of paper, and this could then lead to concealment, revealing information through interacting with the work...
Another point that was raised was that I could make the information presented in the CoML more easily understood, to make it more accessible to people who might not otherwise be interested in it which could give my project more focus, which it needs. What I really need to do however, is go and talk to someone involved with the project or Ocean Science in general, show them my work and what I’m about and see if they have any suggestions for direction or focus.

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