Monday, 19 October 2009

Our tutorial today wasn’t too good for me really - firstly I left my Learning Agreement at home because I thought we just had to email it over later, and then when I came to talk about my idea it turned out that it wasn’t really ready for me to proceed with the project. Basically, I need to refine the subject matter. REFINE. When I think about it, my idea of just illustrating ‘science’ is quite ridiculous so I’m glad that it was pointed out to me now, rather than later in the project when I’m struggling.
What I need to do to move forward is just focus on one area of science - what I’m probably the most interested in is the Oceans, so after I left the tutorial feeling a bit down about the whole thing I did a bit of Googling and found The Census of Marine Life, which is basically a 10-year initiative to ascertain everything that DID or HAS lived in the oceans, everything that lives in the ocean NOW, and everything that WILL live in the ocean in the future. This could be the jumping point that I need for my project, as it will at least give it some focus and some good references/concepts for some interesting illustrations.

I've started thinking about some visual possibilities....

So what I'm going to do now is re-write my learning agreement using the COML as the central point, and from there I can jump off into other areas that become relevant through my research.

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