Friday, 27 November 2009

Active Geology

This one is based on the 5th realm, 'Active Geology'. It's all about seamounts, vents and seeps on the ocean floor. It was the vents especially that I focused on, as they spew out clouds of minerals and heat the water to around 350 degrees C which I thought was pretty emotive and intense... As these vents are often found in water up to 5 miles deep, they are very hard to find and explore - the main method of finding them is by trailing probes from surface vessels, which I've represented through the lines entering the circles.
This illustration, like all the others, would look really good screenprinted which is why I've made many of the images, or elements of them two-tone so that if I get time it would be an easy job to do. A combination of screenprinted and normal printing techniques maybe? If I had managed to get into the project as early as I should have, I would've had time now to experiment. It's a shame, but a lesson I had to learn the hard way I guess.

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