Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I'm getting more and more aware of the fact that I've got less than a month left before hand-in, so I need to get some good inspiration and crack on.
Luckily, the last couple of days have been good for work. I started by looking back through my visual research and got really inspired, especially after looking at the work of Christiana Couciero. I love her graphic style of illustration, and her use of shape and colour.

So feeling inspired, I managed to produce some work....

Above are the first two versions for 'Light and Dark Central Waters'. I think the light and dark circles are fairly self explanatory, and the line represents a divide as the actual divide between the light and dark zones is quite sudden. It was important to me to show how our atmosphere is dependent on the microbes in the top layers of the oceans producing oxygen, and I've tried to show this through the altered top half of the top circle and the blue area at the top, which I much prefer to the circle photo of the sky (the third circle makes it look too much like a circle). There's also a map of some ocean currents in there to give it another point of reference, and to contrast the photography with some hand-drawn elements. A more finished version below.

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