Saturday, 7 November 2009

I've been looking into the possibilities regarding embossing and spot varnishing etc, and in order to see what the illustrations might look like it seems the best thing for me to do would be to get a home embossing kit. It looks to be quite cheap, but as is the case with most home-crafts it will probably look quite shonky... Anyway it would enable me to emboss a line drawing so it's got to be worth a go. My idea at the moment would be something like this -

Basically, I'm thinking of having the one bold drawing or image (need to experiment more) in the middle of the image, and all the shadowy shapes around it embossed or spot varnished or even laser-cut out of the paper so that the viewer has to really look at the image to see that they're there. I dont normally do line drawings so this is a bit of a departure for me, but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with the direction I'm going at the moment so I'll give this a go and hopefully it will lead to something good.

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