Thursday, 12 November 2009

So here are the ingredients needed for a home embossing session -

The idea is that you do your drawing with the pen, shake the powder over the ink while it's still wet, and then melt and set the powder onto the paper with the heat tool (which is hilarious, the packaging and design of it really make it look like something a bit more 'feminine'). It sounds so simple, but it has it drawbacks - its not possible to get a pen with clear ink, the closest I could get was light blue which is fine on blue paper but not on anything else; when you're melting the powder its really easy to burn it so it ends up drying all bubbly and rough; the powder itself is quite shiny so not only is it embossed it looks glittery; its hard to get a really fine line out of the pen and the ink dries quite quickly so you have to emboss as you draw which is just hassle. Results posted below.

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